Homefront: The Revolution first screenshots

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Thanks to some breaking news this morning, gamers were treated to the announcement of Homefront: The Revolution,  just a week prior to E3.  The game is the follow-up to THQ’s popular Homefront, and has since been undertaken by Crytek.  The Revolution has been under development for three years, and gamers are finally getting their first peek.

As Crytek mentioned on Sony’s blog earlier this morning, the teaser trailer is enough to draw people in, but the company made note that E3 will debut the game’s first gameplay demo.  With E3 starting a week from today, gamers can expect some sort of launch window to appear as well.

Homefront: The Revolution didn’t just come out as a reveal this morning either, there are some pretty impressive screenshots to go along with the new game.

The Revolution is set to be a first person shooter playable as an open world, sandbox style game.  Crytek has mentioned the game being the second American Revolution, introducing guerilla warfare to the city of Philadelphia.  Make sure to check out all the screenshots to get more insight to what to expect from Homefront: The Revolution.

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