May 29, 2014; New York, NY, USA; The Montreal Canadiens reacts after loosing to the New York Rangers 1-0 in game six of the Eastern Conference Final of the 2014 Stanley Cup Playoffs at Madison Square Garden. Mandatory Credit: Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

Thomas Vanek says Montreal Canadiens lacked chemistry in playoffs

The Montreal Canadiens were bounced from the Stanley Cup playoffs by the New York Rangers and that has many fans up in Quebec a little more than sad over the loss. But the team had a good run to say the least and a trip to the Western Conference Finals was a waste of time as the Habs managed to build a winner in Monreal and that has many hopeful for the future.

But while things went swell up until the Conference Finals, not everyone was happy with how things went and that includes players who were on the lines hitting the ice against the Rangers.

According to the Montreal Gazzette, Vanek wasn’t happy with how the chemistry of the Canadiens was in the postseason

“Then I got taken off and I struggled to find myself with a new line,” added Vanek, who had six goals and nine assists in 18 regular-season games with the Canadiens. “I played with (Tomas Plekanec) for most of the playoffs and it didn’t work. We are, I believe, both very good players, but it didn’t work. We’re not on the same page, just different games.”

Vanek isn’t saying that he is angry with the Habs, rather he’s just saying that the chemistry wasn’t there and he’s to blame as much as everyone else for that.

With Vanek being an unrestricted free agency this July, many may interpret this as a cryptic quote leading to his departure from Montreal, but this is simply Vanek explaining what went wrong as well as taking blame himself. Guys who aren’t invested in a team don’t take blame, so this may en up being a sign that Vanek wants to stay and work on the chemistry that was lacking in the postseason.

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  • HabsVt

    Is it just me or does he sound like a spoiled brat child. Chemistry isn’t what stops someone from skating hard and getting it every play. Chemistry isn’t what makes you backcheck. Chemistry isn’t what stops you from getting shots on goal. He sounds pathetic …at one poitn Montreal and the NY Islanders would have gladly given him $7 million a year…thanks for showing your true color and saving these franchises from a big mistake. Hve fun in Minnesota hope Pomenville doesn’t ever get hurt or good luck to them.

  • rdra

    Chemistry is wonderful but it can take time to build, and if it isn’t happening you need to suck it up and fall back on skills, drive, desire and professionalism! Want chemistry – go out for a drink, play golf, whatever, but that doesn’t excuse his perceived lack of effort or, in the play-offs at least; skill. There is no way he can stay in Montreal after making comments like that, which seems to be what he wants anyways. The fun part will be seeing who will pay him and how much after how poorly he played in the Montreal-Rangers series!