Steel co-creator Louise Simonson thinks Shaq did a ‘fine job’ on the film

Steel co-creator Louise Simonson believes that Shaquille O’Neal did a fine job in the title role of the 1997 superhero film Steel despite the film’s Box Office downfall.

There are plenty of superhero films that have not lived up to their budgets, or even their own character’s likeness. For those of you who need an example, you can feel free to check out the pre-Marvel cinematic version of Captain America. (Just don’t say we didn’t warn you.)

Unfortunately, in most of those cases, the leading actor or actress ends up taking a lot of the blame for the film’s failure; even if it isn’t actually their fault. I mean, be honest…when those of you, and I know there are a lot of you, who didn’t like the 2004 version of the film Catwoman starring Halle Berry, you always start out your sentence with “Halle Berry was such a horrible Catwoman.”

In some cases, it actually is the actor’s fault; however, Louise Simonson, who co-created the character Steel with artist Jon Bogdanove doesn’t think this is the case with the Steel film, despite the fact that the film didn’t even come close to earning back its budget.

“Honestly, Shaq took a lot of flak but I think he did a fine job.” She told CBR. “My problems were with the script and the costume. The costume was terrible on that one. Oh god it was awful! [Laughs] Today they could do a better job. I could do a better job with the character myself.”

Unfortunately, this is not the only project that Shaq has received an incredible amount of flak for. Need another example? See his movie Kazaam. However, it is nice to know that for once, Shaq can stop taking some of the heat for a movie’s failure that, in this case, had more to do with behind the scenes matters than what is going on in front of the screen.



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