Conan O'Brien shows us Google's self-driving car

The idea of a self-driving car is something that most can’t even fathom. Luckily, there are some who not only can fathom it, but can make it happen.

Google has created the world’s first self-driving car that has been taken on the roads over the past couple months. On Tuesday, Conan O’Brien got to take a look at the car in action. Unfortunately, he found out rather quickly that when you take a car out of a human’s control, it becomes a monster.

Hitting everything in sight, Google’s self-driving car victimize people, cats and even dogs. Don’t believe me? Take a look for yourself!

[Disclaimer: No actually animals were harmed during this segment. We can't say the same for people]

Ok, so Google’s car still has a few bugs that need to be worked out. Those can all easily be fixed, right?

The car has a max speed of 25mph, and is built with a number of sensors to avoid various collisions. In case of collisions, the car features two feet of foam in the from to protect its passengers.

Google hopes to get the car on the thruway in the next couple of years.

Mike’s Musings: I personally don’t feel sympathy for the animals. Maybe they shouldn’t be sitting in the middle of the road, did you ever think of that? Seriously though, this video is a funny one and should definitely provide you with quite a few laughs.

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