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Drew Doughty takes butt-end of stick to the face, not happy about it (GIF)

Take a moment and how imagine how much it would hurt if an NHL athlete jabbed you in the face with the butt-end of his stick. How long would you be out of commission if that happened to you?

While I will acknowledge that you, kind reader, might be tougher than I am, I will still lay out the scenario if that ever happened to me. My jaw would hurt for a week at a minimum. I would be relegated to smoothies for all my meals. Also, I would be woefully unhappy and I would whine a lot.

Whether you feel that way or not you about yourself, you can certainly understand why Drew Doughty wasn’t thrilled when he took the butt-end of a stick to the face in game one of the Stanley Cup Finals between the Los Angeles Kings and New York Rangers.



Doughty probably wasn’t happy partially because it didn’t feel great, but even more because he felt a penalty should have been called. He passionately made that case to the officially as he re-enacted the situation.



The stakes are at their highest, so each little turn, shot, call, and non-call matters. It is hard to blame Doughty for being upset that this play went unnoticed by the referees.

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