HBO GO coming to Xbox One

At long last, HBO GO is finally coming to Xbox One.

After being advertised as a launch app on the console last year, HBO GO was mysteriously absent when the Xbox One launched in November. Now, after months of waiting, fans finally know when to expect the popular streaming app on their consoles.

There is no specific date, but Microsoft has confirmed that HBO GO will be live on Xbox One later this year.

In addition to HBO GO, Microsoft also revealed that over 40 new apps will be making their way to Xbox One and Xbox 360 consoles in 2014. Apps like an updated Twitter integration that provides live tweets based on the TV show you are currently watching, Comedy Central, USA Network and even MTV will all be part of the Xbox experience starting this year.

These new additions to the app marketplace makes the Xbox One a clear cut favorite in terms of all-in-one entertainment machines, hence the name Xbox One. And now, with all of these apps out from behind the Xbox Live Gold paywall, don’t be surprised to see Microsoft’s console close the gap on the PlayStation 4 over the coming months.

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Mike’s Musings: Well it’s about time. For months, we have speculated and wondered just where the HBO GO app was on the next-gen consoles. Finally we have an answer for at least one of the major devices. Now, Sony, it’s time for you to announce exactly when PS4 owners will get to watch Game of Thrones from their consoles.

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