Hitman GO now on Android

After being a quick success on iOS due to its take on contract killing, Hitman GO has now made its way to Android devices.

A turn-based puzzle game, Hitman GO requires strategically moving your game piece across fixed spaces on a grid to take out your target while avoiding enemies in guarded locations. The game requires players to always think about what their next move will be to make sure they don’t get spotted. Using various disguises, distractions and weapons, it’s all about fulfilling that next contract.

GameSided.com’s Nick Tylwalk stated in his review that Hitman GO isn’t exactly what you’d expect from a Hitman game, but that doesn’t make it any less fun.

Those who’d like to pick up Hitman Go on their Android device can find the game now on Google Play Store for just $5.

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Mike’s Musings: I haven’t picked this game up yet because I’ve been waiting for the Android version so I could play on my tablet. With it now available, I know what I will be spending hours doing over the next few days, at least. If it turns out that it’s not for me, then I’m in the hole for $5, oh well.

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