Slate from "Star Wars: Episode VII." Photo Credit: Twitter/Bad Robot

J.J. Abrams tweets response to leaked Star Wars set photos

We are still over a year away from the release of Star Wars Episode VII but already we’re starting to see set photos purchased and leaked by TMZ and it’s only a matter of time before other websites follow suit. We should have all come to expect this as in the day and age we live in it is nearly impossible to be secretive about something that everyone wants to know about and there are few things that set the internet on fire more than a new Star Wars movie.

TMZ released over 60 pictures from set in a 48 hour period and it’s very clear that these leaks were not authorized by anyone at Lucasfilm or Disney. They certainly weren’t authorized by director J.J. Abrams, but that doesn’t mean he’s not going to have a little fun with the leaks.

Abrams posted a hilarious response to the leaked photos, asking kindly that whoever is leaking the photos to stop doing so because it’s making people think that the Millennium Falcon is in the movie.


It’s nice to know that Abrams isn’t taking the leaks too seriously as they really don’t do all that much harm. Still, he wants to stay in control of his set and this hilarious response to the photo leaker is both coy but also rather stern.

We’ll see if any further photos are leaked, as it’s a virtual certainty that there will be further leaks. but this response by Abrams is classic and goes to show even if people are trying to undermine him for personal gain, he’s not going to let anyone get him or the mood on his set down.

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