Marvel eyeing Jared Leto for lead role in Doctor Strange?

Since Marvel’s Doctor Strange has found a director in Scott Derrickson, the next logical step is finding a lead actor. While no one specific has been offered the lead role in the film, the list of possibilities is growing by the minute.

As with most movies based from comic books, there is always some talk about big names signing on to play the lead roles and the bigger comic book movies have become, the bigger the names are that get attached to the films. For Doctor Strange, we’re not even 24 hours into the official announcement of who’s directing the film and we’re already hearing Oscar winner Jared Leto being floated for the lead role.

This story first came up on Badass Digestand there’s a chance of it being true. The source claims that Marvel had an affinity for Leto, which could indicate they wanted him before, but might have moved on.

Leto isn’t the only star that was linked to the role, as early this year Johnny Depp had a conversation with Marvel about the role. Also last summer, Joseph Gordon-Levitt was someone else mentioned that could be the main character.

It wouldn’t be a bad thing to have Leto be the guy that Marvel chooses, as he definitely has plenty of acting experience. He is also a big name that could attract plenty of buzz for the film.

However, there’s very little evidence that shows Leto is even interested in this kind of role.

He is someone that acts infrequently, as his last movie before Dallas Buyers Club in 2013 was Mr. Nobody in 2009. He also seems to prefer taking roles in indies or dramas over big blockbuster films.

We should know quite soon, if Leto will get the starting nod, or if Marvel has someone else in mind to star in Doctor Strange. There is currently no release date for the film.

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