Motorola slashing $100 off Moto X for the next 48 hours

Looking to get into the smartphone category with your cellular device?  Motorola is trying to make the cost of entry even more affordable.  For the next 48 hours, Motorola is cutting the price of the Moto X smartphone by $100.

The deal was announced through the companies official Twitter profile on Tuesday night, but unfortunately, it is only eligible to those customers inside the United States.

The sale runs from 12 am on Wednesday through Thursday at 11:59 pm.  The $100 off is applicable to both the 32gb Moto X as well as the Developer Edition of the Moto X.

With the Moto X smartphone normally running consumers around $350, a $250 price tag for virtually a free upgrade is a pretty solid deal.

Going the way of the iPod, users have the option to customize their Moto X smartphone as well.  Different accent colors can be selected as well as the inscription of personal messages on the device.  While undoubtedly they personalization features may hurt the long-term resale value of the phone, it is a nice touch for buyers.

Motorola just announced a day ago that they would be bringing the Android 4.43 KitKat operating system to more of its devices.  The operating system upgrade is supposed to clean up the interface and also bring enhanced camera features.

Ted’s Takes:  While many phone companies don’t offer phone upgrades outside of pre-determined times throughout contract periods, it is nice to see Motorola allowing its customers the opportunity to upgrade their device and do so at a lowered cost.  While it may not be enough to change buyers from a different product line, it is a nice level of enticement to walk away from an old phone.

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