Stanley Cup Finals simmed in NHL 94

At long last the day is here, and the Stanley Cup Finals are set to begin.

The New York Rangers and Los Angeles Kings have had to scratch and claw their ways to the final round for the chance to lift the greatest trophy in all of professional sport — The Stanley Cup. It’s a battle of United States’ two biggest cities, and two of the most unique, to say the least, fan bases in all of sports.

Of course, no one wants to wait to find out who will win it all. That’s where your friends at FanSided come in!

Like we did with Super Bowl 48, I have decided to once again simulate the championship series of a major league using a classic video game. For the Stanley Cup Finals, I have pulled out a version of NHL 94 with pre-trade deadline rosters, so pay no mind to Ryan Callahan still being on the Rangers; Marian Gaborik not being on the Kings.

Which goaltender will steal the show, what player will step up for his team and who will walk away with Lord Stanley’s Cup? Find out now with our FanSided simulation of the 2014 Stanley Cup Final.


Who do you think will finish the series as Stanley Cup Champions? Leave your predictions for the series in the comment section below!

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