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Triple H discusses Seth Rollins turning on the Shield, joining Evolution (Video)

There are still a lot of questions surrounding why the call was made to have Seth Rollins turn heel on the Shield this past Monday and join up with Triple H and Evolution, questions that will more than likely be answered in the next few weeks to come.

Well in his weekly sit-down with Michael Cole, Triple H began to provide some of those answers, especially why he chose Rollins specifically.

“Listen, to me, Seth Rollins has always been the brains of the operation. What do you think those guys just ran out there and did what they did? No, no, no. Somebody was the architect. Somebody was the brains. And it’s always been Seth Rollins from Day 1.”

Now this explanation makes sense. While Rollins was seen by virtually everyone as the least likely to leave the group, in the end it all makes sense.

Seeing as he was the “architect,” he never really got the recognition that he deserved, it was always Reigns that was looked at as the leader of the faction.

In the interview, Triple H also addressed whether or not he was concerned about the two remaining members of the group, which he quickly scoffed at.

“Why would I be worried about Ambrose and Reigns? I know what The Shield can do. The Shield doesn’t exist anymore. Adapt or perish. Seth Rollins adapted. The Shield perished.”

You can view the entire interview in the video below:

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