Capcom releases new Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate trailer (Video)

Capcom is getting ready for E3 in a big way today.  With the conference still a few days, Capcom wants gamers to know they are coming prepared.  While the company revealed its full E3 lineup earlier today, they apparently weren’t done showing off everything they had to offer.  Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate had its newest trailer unveiled today.

As seen in the trailer, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate will be an impressive new entrant onto the Nintendo 3DS.  The trailer shows off the game’s new environments, crafting mechanics, and retooled online cooperative play.

Although Nintendo and Capcom aren’t slated to release Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate until 2015, they are taking the route of a years worth of excitement.

Capcom won’t be appealing to console gamers at E3 as they are bringing no console based games, but with two Monster Hunter titles, the series should only grow in popularity.  Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate will also be joined by the iOS Monster Hunter game, Monster Hunter Freedom Ultimate.

Make sure to check out both the Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate trailer as well as a handful of screenshots posted below.

Nintendo has gradually introduced the series from being a popular hit overseas, to American soil.  Although it would have been expected to catch on eventually, the success that Monster Hunter has seen could have not been predicted.

Capcom is also bringing well-known zombie fest, Dead Rising 3 to E3 as the game makes its debut onto the PC.  With the reception the game received as a next generation launch title, the PC welcoming should also be with open arms.

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