EA Sports Madden NFL 15 to use Colin Kaepernick's tattoos after artist signs waiver

EA Sports is working on the final touches of “Madden NFL 15,” which will be released on Aug. 26. With the next-gen consoles gaining in popularity, the graphics are more lifelike than ever and this year’s version of the popular football video game franchise will be even closer than real life than ever before thanks to Colin Kaepernick and his tattoo artist.

The San Francisco 49ers quarterback has some very prominent tattoos and those will be featured in the upcoming game.

Before, EA Sports did not include player tattoos because they would need the tattoo artists who designed the tattoos to sign off on the artwork and that is exactly what Nes Andrion of Endless Ink in Reno, Nev., and Orly Locquiao of Humble Beginnings in San Jose, Calif. did for this year’s game.

“We want to be as authentic as possible, so we were pleased that Colin was able to secure the rights to the tattoos,” said Seann Graddy, senior producer of Madden 15, via Darren Rovell of ESPN. “There’s a ton of buzz around this. In this game, we only have Colin’s tattoos, but we’d love to secure the rights to the tattoos of other players in the future.”

Kaepernick’s tattoos will be accurate to the bible verses that he proudly displays on his arms and it will allow him to look more realistic than the previous versions of himself in the game.

EA Sports released the first screenshot of the upcoming game which you can see in the featured image above, and the tattoos really complete the look of the richest quarterback in the league.

With Kaepernick’s tattoo artists signing off on the art work, it is only a matter of time until other athletes around the league get their artists to do the same so their in-game characters more accurately match the real life counterparts.

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