photo credit: David Roark/Disney

Mark Hamill and Mickey Mouse posing with lightsabers (Photo)

There’s going to be a lot of this crap now that Disney owns Star Wars and has given the go-ahead for fifty new Star Wars movies to be produced over the next decade. Mickey Mouse and Mark Hamill posing with lightsabers? Sure? Why not? Get those two properties together in synergistic harmony.

A talking mouse and a Jedi wizard, brandishing laser swords. Though Mickey is the only one who is actually in costume. Hamill is just dressed the way he usually dresses. Wait, is he swinging that lightsaber like a Jedi or like Stan Musial? Nice lefty stance Hamill.

mark hamill mickey mouse

photo credit: David Roark/Disney

Now if you want a laugh, check out the Disney-related website Inside the Magic and read the top comment on the post featuring Hamill and the Mouse. A user named El Bearsidente is actually bent out of shape that Hamill and Mickey aren’t using proper grips while holding their lightsabers.

“Awesome grip. Any random kindergarten kid can disarm them both within 2-3 seconds and a wooden stick. Thanks for reminding me why I dislike Star Wars,” rants El Bearsidente.

First of all El Bearsidente, in Star Wars they’re not called kids, they’re called “Younglings.” Because George Lucas sucks. Second of all El Bearsidente, it’s made up fantasy stuff for nerds and children so chill out?

I bet El Bearsidente is a true sword master. Or, he’s one of those smelly losers who bought a sword from a pawn shop, spent hours a day in his underwear swinging it around (after securely fastening the hilt to the blade via duct tape) and now thinks he is a sword master.


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