Matthew McConaughey as Rust Cohle in Season 1 Episode 2 of the HBO Original Series "True Detective." Photo Credit: HBO

Matthew McConaughey open to more seasons of True Detective

Last season, the new original series True Detective took HBO by storm. The gripping tale of Martin Hart, who was played by the amazing Woody Harrelson, and the disturbed Rust Cohle, who was played by Academy Award winning actor Matthew McConaughey grabbed a hold of fans and took them for one wild ride.

Unfortunately, every ride has to come to an end at some point. Thus, at the end of the season we closed the book on the lives of Hart and Cohle; or did we?

As fans of the show are already painfully aware, HBO has been ninja-style super-secret about who they will be bringing on to play the three leads in the upcoming second season of the popular series.

In the beginning, it was always said that Matthew McConaughey was only open to doing the show for one season then closing the door and moving on; however, it would seem as if the situation has changed ever-so-slightly.

According to an interview McConaughey conducted with Deadline, based on his experiences in the first season, he would now be open to do more seasons of the True Detective.

Wait, what?!? Here is a look at what McConaughey had to say.

“I liked True Detective, the whole series and the experience of making it, so much that I’d be open to doing another one now.” McConaughey told Deadline. “At the time, I was looking at six months and not beyond that. I don’t know of a feature film I’d sign for where I’m going to say, “If this works, you’ve got me whenever you want me for the next three years.””

Now, does this mean that he will be back in the next season of True Detective? Certainly, we do not know. I am sure that if he is, HBO is not ready to unleash that kind of bombshell on the world. Right now, they are too busy crushing people’s souls on Game of Thrones.

However, the prospect of a McConaughey return begs the question that if he did return to the series, would he be returning as Rust Cohle, or would HBO take the American Horror Story route and bring back the popular actor in a completely new role?

There are so many more questions that are in need of answers now. At this point, all eyes are pointed squarely at the people over at HBO for more details on the upcoming second season of the widely popular series True Detective.

What are your thoughts on the matter? Do you think Matthew McConaughey should be brought back for a new season of True Detective? If so, do you think he would/should play Cohle once again or would he be given a whole new role to play in the series? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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