NBA 2K15 trailer released (Video)

It’s that time of the year again.

Earlier today, 2K Sports released the first of many trailers for the upcoming NBA 2K15 which features the NBA’s 2013-14 Most Valuable Player in Kevin Durant.

Here is the trailer which displays the first gameplay footage from NBA 2K15.

Similar to the last years version of NBA 2K which had Lebron James on the cover, giving a speech before the gameplay begins, 2K Sports has done a great job incorporating Kevin Durant amazing MVP speech which included the extremely famous “You the real MVP line” directed toward his mother.

In regards to the actual graphics, it’s hard to tell now how big of an upgrade has been made, but with more time to focus on the game for the next generation systems (Playstation 4, Xbox One), there’s no reason to think difference won’t be jarring, similar to the upgrade from Madden 14 to Madden 15.

At this point, all we’ve heard about 2K is their incorporation of more Euroleague teams, a feature that debuted on last years version, giving users a chance to play with popular overseas teams such as Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, and Olympiacos.

With more room to add features on the next generation system, 2K Sports should bring back the Olympic teams (Dream Team, 2012 team). That was one of the best features of NBA 2K13. They should also do their best to incorporate more recent classic teams.

As usual, NBA 2K15 releases in October.

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