NHL 15: EA Sports unveils realistic arena screenshots

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With NHL 15 being another cross generation game from EA Sports, some worried that the overall quality may not be there for the game due to the programing for the older systems.  EA Sports wants to put that theory with NHL 15 to bed.  The newly released images of Joe Louis Arena and Madison Square Garden are absolutely breathtaking.

As the real NHL season is currently in the Stanley Cup Playoffs there is absolutely no reason for EA Sports to stop taking advantage of the captive audience surrounding the target market for the game.

Initial screenshots of the game have done nothing but hype hockey fans up the release later this year, and as more screens continue to filter in, expect that anticipation to increase.


NHL 15 will be the first installment of the hockey series on next generation consoles and things are looking extremely promising.  Thanks to the new technology, EA has said they were able to bring all new levels of realism to the game.

“19,000+ seat capacities, dynamic lighting, player entrance tunnels and much more.”

EA Sports has long been known as the king of micro transactions, but the Ultimate Team game mode has taken off with flying colors.  Should you decided to pre-order NHL 15, you will receive $15 in Hockey Ultimate Team credit.

With E3 right around the corner, and EA having a pretty reputable presence at the conference, some gameplay might be expected.  Regardless of what filters out in the next week, NHL 15 looks like it will be making an absolutely amazing entrance onto next generation consoles.

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