Stephen Colbert declares war on Amazon (Video)

What do you get when you pit one of the most comical people in America against one of the countries largest companies?  Well, probably not the most serious situation, but the laughter is well worth it.  Stephen Colbert wants you to know he’s declaring war against Amazon.

Last night, Colbert urged viewers of his show, The Colbert Report, because he said the company was siphoning off his sales.

“I just found out it’s deterring customers from buying books from Stephen Colbert.”

The publisher of Colbert’s book, Hachette, has been, according to Amazon, raising prices and delaying shipments, sometimes up to three or four weeks late.  In return, Amazon has been refusing the sale of Hachette’s products, which Colbert’s book falls under.  Colbert has since set up Hachette to sell his book, as well as another book, California, through a company, Powell’s Books.

Colbert came up with a sticker, for sale on his site, that reads “I didn’t buy it on Amazon,” with the intent to have it slapped on all their books and other products.  He also called out Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos, saying, “Watch out Bezos – this means war!”

Twitter then was Colbert’s next platform as he launched his attack on the social media site.

Check out the video’s below

California has since been listed as the #1 seller on Powell’s Books website while trying to buy the book through Amazon generates this message: Currently Unavailable… Want us to email you when this item becomes available?


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