Fantasia gets release date and new information

Harmonix is looking to make another splash in the gaming industry.

Best known for their massively popular Guitar Hero, Rock Band and Dance Central series, the Massachusetts-based company is looking to get back into the game with Fantasia: Music Evolved.  The game is slated to come out this fall, and recently, Harmonix announced six new songs as well as a new area in the game: The Neighborhood.

The Neighborhood will be set up as an urban style area in the game and will contain each of the six newly announced songs for the game:

  • The Real Me-The Who
  • Galang-M.I.A.
  • Message in a Bottle-Police
  • Take Care-Drake
  • The Nutcracker Medly-Tchaikovsky
  • Enjoy the Silence-Depeche Mode

Fantasia: Music Evolved is set to release on October 21.

The draw of playing in different areas throughout Fantasia: Music Evolved, is that the environments become interactive through the use of the Kinect.  Fore example, in The Neighborhood, you can release some balloons which in turn causes an elephant to grab onto them and float through the level. Alternately, travelling into the Neighborhood’s subway, you can stitch together musical snippets from some performing veggies, which can then be played back as you’ve arranged them in the landscape.

IGN posted a gameplay video a couple of months ago that shows where Fantasia: Music Evolved was at prior to the E3 original demo.

As music games (and Harmonix will be the first to say) have fallen out of the spotlight, Fantasia: Music Evolved looks to bring back the relevance of the genre.  Guitar Hero and Rock Band are long gone, and Harmonix is surely hoping they have a hit of another type with Fantasia.

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