Gaming On A Budget: Tips On How To Spot Deals On Used Games And More

At $60 a game, some titles are far too expensive to play right away. If you’re the I-need-it-now type of gamer, these tips aren’t for you as it is likely you’re too impatient to wait for to make these tips work. However, if you’re one who is always looking to play some great games andstill be able to afford food for the month, then look no further than what you’ll see below.

1. Skip the launch date hype and sleep on the title for a few months

By waiting to purchase a title after its launch date, you’ll likely save $30 to $40 in a few months. For example, retailers like GameStop need to make room for new titles. The easiest ways for these games to fly off shelves is to put them on sale.

2. If you can’t wait to play a game, take advantage of the pre-order deals at retailers

Many gaming studios offer discounts for DLC in honor of their launch. If you’re going to splurge on the game, you may as well spend the extra $10 for some extra gameplay.

3. Never purchase a game without another title to trade-in

The best-case scenario is you have two or three titles to trade-in in order to discount a game while its on sale. I spent less than $25 at GameStop for Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD remaster by trading in an MLB The Show and a Madden game I had forgotten about. It doesn’t matter if the old game gives you $1 or $10, if you’re not playing the title again, you should let it go.

4. Search for local used game stores and deals online

Finding a used game store might be a little more difficult if you don’t live in a big city area. There are two really great local businesses that sell used games where I live. Their prices are usually much more reasonable or comparable to the big chains.

As far as online sales, Amazon has awesome used game deals. You can purchase popular titles like Grand Theft Auto V for less than $50 new or used.

5. Take advantage of monthly sales on the PSN or Xbox Live networks

If you’re bored and want to switch up the title, check the networks daily for new discounts. In May, Red Dead Redemption and LA Noire were $5 to download on the PSN. However, if you’re constantly downloading from the networks, you might want to think about purchasing an external hard drive if you don’t feel like deleting old game data.

6. Don’t open a credit card for the discount, ever

Some retailers offer discounts on purchases if you open up a credit card with their store. Unless you are constantly purchasing electronics, don’t open one ever. You can get the extra 10 to 15 percent off your title when it goes on sale two to three months after its release.

However, free-to-sign-up rewards cards are worth it. Places like GameStop sometimes offer discounts when you cash in your PowerUp Rewards points.

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