The Golf Club is headed to PlayStation 4

The PlayStation Blog has been the source of some pretty exciting news as the lead up to E3 has continued, and today, Peter Garcin of HB Studios dropped some pretty exciting news for sports gaming enthusiasts.

Garcin lets gamers know that The Golf Club will be headed to PlayStation 4 this summer.  The game is said to be very close to being finished and is in its final stages.  Garcin also mentions that the game went through a playable demo at this years GDC and that the response to the product was phenomenal.

The Golf Club is a simulation experience for gaming golf fans that features procedurally generated courses.  The experience can be different for each gamer depending on the course, and the game also includes a very in-depth course creator, in which you can share finished courses with friends.

Online capability is one of the shining points of The Golf Club as well.  Outside of simply sharing created courses, tournaments can take place as well as playing alongside your friends due to the use of “ghost balls.”  You can choose to play the most difficult or most interesting courses that the game has to offer.

The Golf Club relies heavily upon user-generated content and wants to make sure each user has access to the great things that the game has to offer.  Outside of simple filtering systems designed to showcase some of the games best content, The Golf Club will also curate featured courses and user-generated content.

Finally, Garcin mentions the utilization of the PlayStation Move technology and that there are significant plans in place to make sure that the technology can be utilized with the sim golf experience.

The Golf Club looks poised to make a significant splash on the PlayStation 4 this summer.  If you’re an avid golfer, and own a PlayStation 4, this is surely a slam dunk.

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