Insomniac Games releases new Sunset Overdrive city trailer (Video)

The developer for Sunset Overdrive, who is Insomniac Games has released a new trailer for the game, detailing the city.

They designed they city in a way that would encourage people to explore it. When people see the game, there will be different vertical planes in the environment.

Each of these planes are like small playgrounds, and to reach the next one you will have to make use of the skills that your player has.

According to CVG, the associate community manager Brandon Winfrey said that, “We think of the street as a beginners level, so that’s just mostly grinds and bouncies and all that jazz, but the higher up you go the more you’re going to have to combo your traversal and utilise your wall run in order to get around.”

The world will be easy to navigate by grinding on rails and also using wall jumps.

Also in the video a question was asked about the types of side quests in the game. The reply was that the side quests in Sunset Overdrive will involve helping out characters around the world.

The good thing with this is that it gives you more narrative about the people in the city.

There will be more information about this game next week at E3, especially during the Microsoft media briefing.

This could be one of the more interesting titles that releases for Xbox One, due to the art style.

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