Madden 15 trailer review: Graphics will blow you away (Video)

Today is the day all sports gaming fans have been waiting for as the release of gameplay footage form Madden 15 has arrived.

While not everyone plays Madden on a game-by-game basis, everyone relies on the series to be as up-to-date as possible with it’s graphics as we play the series to re-live the NFL experience at our own leisure.

Our first look at the gameplay footage was brief, but it’s the most exciting few second you’ll spend all day. We will be learning more and more about the game as we near the release date but for now all that matters is the insane graphics we saw and the gameplay footage that is blowing fans away.

In case you missed it, here’s the first look at Madden 15 gameplay in the latest trailer form EA Sports:

As you can see, nothing much else is really discussed about the game, especially as far as new features or the gaming engine goes, but it’s a football game so we really saw all we needed to see.

With the NextGen of gaming consoles now out, it was clear that Madden needed to step up their game in the graphics and they very much did if this new trailer is any representation of what the game will look like. The selling point for Madden is how realistic it is and how close it mimics our Sunday experiences, and this trailer is proof that Madden was built for the NextGen era of gaming.

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