Madden NFL 15 Ultimate Edition announced

EA Sports has gone from being loathed by gamers for their practices surrounding the application of micro transactions, to being loved by them for the absolute same reason.  The Madden series has captivated gamers through the fantasy team building, Ultimate Team mode, and this year, EA Sports is taking note of those gamers with the Madden NFL 15 Ultimate Edition.

Announced just moments ago through EA Sports website, Madden NFL 15 will feature an Ultimate Edition giving out over $40 in Ultimate Team credit to football gamers.

Instead of the typical $59.99 price tag that is almost certainly set to accompany the standard retail version of the game, the Madden NFL 15 Ultimate Edition can be had for $69.99.  With Ultimate Edition, gamers will receive the standard edition of the Madden 15 game, as well as 30 Madden Ultimate Team packs and a Draft Class Pack that will feature 10 of the 2014 first round NFL Draft picks.

Instead of having to fork over a handful of money once gamers get set up with Madden 15 to get their Ultimate Team rolling, EA Sports is hoping gamers offer up $10 in order to enjoy having 31 packs ready for gamers to tear through right away.  The Madden NFL 15 Ultimate Edition will be available on Tuesday August 26, 2014 for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4.

Ultimate Team was the center of criticism amongst gamers initially as the mode was a grind.  As it has taken on steam and gained popularity, Madden has watched the Ultimate Team turn into one of the cornerstones of its gaming community.  With players dedicated to building the best team in the mode, the MaddenNFL 15 Ultimate Edition should be a great place to start.

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