NBA Live 15 release date announced

EA Sports has announced that not only will NBA Live be back in the form on NBA Live 15, but it will be going toe-to-toe with the juggernaut of NBA 2k15 this October as the company has announced that the game will be released on October 7, 2014. That’s the same day that NBA 2k15 hits store shelves.

In a post on EA Sports’ website, executive producer Sean O’Brien explained that his development team knows they let fans down with NBA Live 14 in the form of how the gameplay felt as a whole as well as the visual qualities that many expected for a next-gen basketball title.

That being said, O’Brien said stated that his team has “lofty goals” going into this year, and will work as “hard as possible” to provide more realistic gameplay with a better flow, as well as graphics worthy of a next-gen game.

We know we’ve got a lot to prove this year, and we’ve got a solid plan in place to provide you with all the details and take the first steps to making NBA LIVE 15 a game you’re excited to play,” he said.

 O’Brien added that the first set of gameplay details regarding NBA Live 15 will be coming in July, which means that it’s unlikely we see anything from the game at E3 2014 next year.

Do you have hope that NBA Live 15 can be everything that NBA Live 14 wasn’t? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below, and let us know.

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