New iPhone 5s ad

During Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals on Wednesday night, Apple aired a new TV ad called “Strength”. Using the song “Chicken Fat” by Robert Preston as the backtrack, the new ad focuses on the various fitness accessories and apps that users can get and use for iPhone 5s.

Apps that allow you to track how you perform in soccer and golf, and improve your skills; distance and speed trackers for bike riders; and workout apps to make sure you are getting everything you can out of your daily routine are all showcased in the newest ad.

This ad is the latest that ends with the tagline, “you’re more powerful than you think”, which is what Apple is using to show potential consumers that there is so much a person can accomplish if they only had an iPhone.

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Mike’s Musings: There is just something about the lyric, “go you chicken fat, go away” that makes me motivated to actually work out. Then again, that couch over there looks mighty comfy. Maybe if I just take a few minutes and relax, I’ll find the motivation to actually work out…..nah! Oh, and at least this ad doesn’t have that lame “gigantic” song in it.

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