PlanetSide 2 will be playable at E3

The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One have been somewhat hampered throughout the entirety of their short life cycle to this point due to the lack of a very important genre being represented.  With no massively-multiplayer games on either system, a large demographic of the gaming population has been ignored.  Both consoles look to change that soon, and Sony’s PlayStation 4 is starting with PlanetSide 2.

The massively-multiplayer online shooter has seen significant press in recent weeks, and PlanetSide 2 has now been confirmed to be playable next week on the PlayStation 4 at E3.  PlanetSide 2 has a tremendous opportunity to bring a strong gaming community to the PlayStation 4 console.  The game has a very large following on PC, and is seemingly poised for console success as well.

Sony is targeting to release the free-to-play PlanetSide 2 for the PlayStation 4 later this year, and they have confirmed that the game will be playable on the show floor in a couple of days.

Also of note, considering the new limitations of the expanding PlayStation Plus service, PlanetSide 2 will sit in front of the PlayStation Plus paywall, so literally every aspect of the game will be free to play, and without requiring a subscription.

The PlanetSide 2 E3 2014 trailer for the PlayStation 4 was release just yesterday, and has already drawn significant buzz for the game.  With the game being playable this upcoming week, gamers will almost assuredly get real-time feedback as to how their franchise is shaping up to look on consoles.

Rarely do PC games make their way successfully to consoles, but the amount of excitement that PlanetSide 2 has generated makes this game look like an outlier that could buck the trend.

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