Yahoo removing Facebook, Google login features

Yahoo is planning on removing all signs of Facebook and Google from their network of websites, with the latest removal coming to a popular photo-sharing service.

The company announced on Friday that as of June 30, users of the webiste Flickr will no longer be allowed to long in to the site via Facebook or Google. If you are one of those users who currently use either Google or Facebook to log into Flickr, you will only be allowed to do so once before being forced to use your Yahoo account.

If you don’t have a Yahoo account, you will have to sign up for one in order to be able to continue using the service.

“Flickr is removing Facebook and Google sign-in,” Yahoo wrote on the Flickr homepage “If you access Flickr through Facebook or Google, please sign in one last time using the buttons below. You will be prompted to create your new Yahoo account.”

This latest removal stems from Yahoo announcing plans back in March to end Google and Facebook features completely. Flickr was simply the next step in this plan.

Mike’s Musings: Yahoo is trying to separate itself from its competitors, and this is one way to do so. I’m not sure what backlash there will be from users for this news, but, because you can’t make everyone happy, there will likely be some.

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