Angelina Jolie as Maleficent in the upcoming film "Maleficent." Photo Credit: Walt Disney

Rapper 50 cent spoofs Maleficent on Jimmy Kimmel Live with 'Malefiftycent'

Rapper 50 Cent may not be able to throw a baseball, but he can can still throw down some lyrics. The rap star appeared on Jimmy Kimmel live and premiered a hilarious spoof on the Disney film Maleficent.

No, he’s no Angelia Jolie, but the 30-year-old rapper was delightful and hilarious in his take on the villainous queen in his video “Malefiftycent”

While teasing the audience about the clip, the rapper joked “This one ain’t goin’ to no Redbox”.

The spoof opens with a typical Hollywood preview line stating “The story you know…the villain you don’t.” followed by Cent’s gem “I’ve been shot nine times, I ain’t afraid of no little white girl!”

It’s a masterpiece, it really is. Check out the video here.

Suffice to say, 50 Cent’s acting career would apparently go much further than his baseball career, after recently blaming an embarrassing ceremonial first pitch for the New York Mets on a muscle injury caused by (as he put it) excessive masturbation, and there’s no doubt fans would love to see more of “Malefiftycent”.

Doubtful that the folks over at Disney are going to add a rapper like 50 Cent to their talent lineup.

Get witch or die tryin? That’s what we’re talkin’ about.



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