TNA Wrestling outdoor live event only draws 300 people (Photo)

Although they recently celebrated the 10th anniversary of their ‘Impact’ program, let’s just all get on the same page here for a moment and agree that TNA Wrestling won’t be around for much longer. Sure, Dixie Carter’s family has the endless bank account to keep the sinking ship afloat, but it’s only a matter of time before they just let the ship float to the bottom of the ocean.

Aside from the fact that no one watches the product on TV, their live events don’t do well neither, and that was clearly evident on Friday night.

Check out the fan shot below from the company’s live event at a minor league baseball stadium in Maryland, and you can see that the money coming into TNA is few and far between.

That’s an embarrassment. Flat out, that’s embarrassing.

Considering the money that Carter and her family has blown in recent years on some of the biggest name talent available, if this company hasn’t flourished by now, then there is no hope left.

Still, every Thursday they will continue on and try to promote their shows as something worth watching, even though they basically re-hash every WWE angle that’s being produced at the moment.


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  • KISSman

    If TNA is currently rehashing every angle that the WWE is producing then I suppose that’s why it has suddenly become unwatchable. Now there’s no pro wrestling worth tuning into.

  • Shane Treacy

    Why don’t you get a bloody life and stop hating on TNA just becuase it’s trendy. If TNA is not getting good live crowds then that’s bad for pro wrestling period. Tna gets 8,000 – 10,000 when it goes to the uk but you would never be seen putting a photo up of that crowd. The reason TNA is in some trouble is simply becuase they had ambition and tried to take the show on the road. It failed and cost them a lot of money. That just means that it’s impossible for another pro wrestling company to thrive in America. These angles you speak of have been used for 40 years in pro wrestling. Every company has used these angles. You are just so obsessed with WWE that you don’t see that. And let’s get on the same page here, TNA get’s 1million viewers every week. How does that equate to no one watches? Do you seriously think they will not be on TV with 1 million loyal viewers a week? To the smaller networks that is a goldmine. TNA beats WWE in the UK ratings every week and is priceless to the channels there too. TNA will not be going anywhere. If the carters give up then someone else will take over. It’s obvious that if TNA is run properly like it was until two years ago there is money to be made. People like you have spouted nonsense about TNA since the first day of TNA and it’s still here. You will still be spouting it this time next year. Get a life.

  • TNAmarkFromIndia

    This doesn’t really make much of a difference to TNA’s bottom line, since TNA were getting a flat fee from the stadium authorities regardless of the attendance and the stadium pays for promotion of the event and collect the gate receipts, which means if anything it was the stadium that would’ve incurred a loss (if the event indeed incurred a loss).