E3 2014: The Last Guardian Cancelled

After being MIA for months, The Last Guardian has officially been cancelled.

According to a report from IGN, the game, which was rumored to be a part of this year’s E3, won’t be seen by anyone anymore. The outlet received word late Saturday night/early Sunday morning that the game is “finally cancelled.” The report states that the news regarding the cancellation was announced during “Sony’s internal meeting last week.”

Originally revealed at E3 in 2009, The Last Guardian was a game that had many fans excited. Centered around a boy trying to escape a castle-like environment with a giant creature named Trico by his side, The Last Guardian is a title that was touted by many as the next great new IP. Unfortunately, the title just never materialized.

It was originally projected for a 2011 release, but 2011 came and went without nearly a peep from the game. In 2012, it was revealed by Shuhei Yoshida of Sony that the game was still in development. Over the past couple of years, rumors regarding the game being on an indefinite hiatus had run rampant, despite Sony saying that it was looking for a way to reintroduce the game.

More to come.

Mike’s Musings: This is news that is sure to disappoint many a gamer. Sure, it was something of an expected development, but it’s still upsetting nonetheless. This just serves as a fresh reminder that not everything fans see at E3 every year will actually make it to consumers’ hands. 

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