E3 2014: Sony preview

Monday marks the beginning of the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo, better known as E3.  Monday also marks the biggest day of the event as Microsoft’s Xbox and Sony’s PlayStation will go toe to toe with both companies having their press conferences.  Sony’s PlayStation Conference is set for 6pm Pacific and will round out the first day of the event.  With so much riding on the conference, what can we expect to see from Sony?

First and foremost, this year’s E3 press conference will lay the groundwork for the future success of Sony and the PlayStation 4.  While Sony has seen struggles of late across the company, it has been the PlayStation division that has kept them afloat.

Prior to the juicy information surrounding the PS4, expect Sony to give some love to its predecessor, the PlayStation 3.  With the shift towards the next generation, it can all but be expected that Sony will announce a PlayStation 3 price drop.  Without backwards compatibility, this is a great opportunity for gamers to catch up on their PlayStation library.

Since the launch of the PS4 back in November, the software backing the console hasn’t yet caught up.  Although a handful of anticipated titles have been pushed back into 2015, there should be plenty to get excited about in the coming months.

One of the most important bits of information from Sony will be release details surrounding two of the most anticipated games on the new consoles, Uncharted 4 and The Last of Us: Remastered.  Both games hailing from Naughty Dog, the company has teased a handful of information in recent weeks.  We know The Last of Us has a release date known to the company at this point, but we have yet to hear anything on Uncharted 4.

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Expect both The Last of Us as well as Uncharted 4 to take center stage during the Sony Press Conference.  A gameplay demo or trailer would also be a likely bet to make an appearance.

Sony will also be targeting the MMO demographic at this years E3.  While neither next generation console has a game to cater to the fans of the massively-multiplayer experience, PS4 should hit that mark with PlanetSide 2 coming to the console.  The game already has a strong PC following, and with the prowess of power behind the PlayStation 4, sales should be strong there as well.

Though it is a cross-platform game, Bungie’s Destiny will also likely be shown during Sony’s PlayStation conference.  With the game being so highly anticipated, and the beta being right around the corner, it would only make sense for the game to be featured.

Although release dates are a bit far off, expect Sony to highlight two of their most noteworthy titles.  Both The Order: 1886 and Drive Club should see some attention during E3.  With The Order: 1886 having just recently went through a little press time of its own, expect Sony to capitalize on the anticipation for each game.  Drive Club also has some pretty impressive undertakings of its own, and regardless of release date, both these games are worth getting excited over.

Stepping away from the PS4, Sony will make sure to give the PlayStation Vita some love as well.  The company just recently announced that it was ceasing to ship Sony PSP devices, so the success of the Vita will now be more pivotal.  As the Vita is continued to be incorporated into the PlayStation 4 experience, Sony will likely discuss the bundled package including both the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita rumored to be available shortly.

Expect a release date for The Last of Us Remastered to be announced at E3

Expect a release date for The Last of Us Remastered to be announced at E3

This year’s E3 will mark somewhat of a change in structure.  As last year was the launch of hardware, consoles and the next generation, Sony will focus this year on the support for the next-generation of gaming.  Information surrounding games across all three of its products will be in abundant supply.  Expect some of the big titles we have discussed, as well as plenty more, smaller games and remastered versions to make their way to the show.

While Sony likely has a trick or two up their sleeve, E3 this year will be about having fans chomping at the bit to play some of the most anticipated titles that the gaming community has seen in years.  Whether it’s a game slated for 2015 like The Order: 1886 or you can’t wait to get your hands on the next generation version of The Last of Us, Sony will have you covered.

As an owner of a PS4, Sony’s conference is the one I am most excited for.  Having not had the opportunity to play The Last of Us prior to upgrading to the PS4, the Remastered version is a must buy for me.  If the release date of June 20 comes to fruition, summer would be off to a great start.  Also, the Uncharted series is some of the best video game magic ever released, and I expect Uncharted 4 to follow in those footsteps.

Is there something we missed?  What games have you most excited about Sony at E3?  If you are on the fence about getting into the next generation of consoles, is this years E3 what you are hoping launches you past the tipping point?  Let us know!


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