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Game of Thrones: Giant Mammoth gets lit up, tramples handlers (GIF)

There are many, many words that could be used to describe tonight’s episode of the HBO Original Series Game of Thrones. Epic, amazing, incredible…these are all words that one could properly use to describe tonight’s episode. Boring and funny are words that don’t always come to mind; however, one of those could be used in some stretch tonight.

Well, in tonight’s episode, there was a single moment in time that honestly made me chuckle a little more than it should have.

The Watchers on the Wall found themselves in quite a situation. The Giants and the Mammoths were most certainly a force to be reckoned with.

Just when it looked like they were going to turn the tide of the battle, the Night’s Watch had other things in mind.

They decided to send numerous flaming barrels over the side of the wall. When they hit the frozen ground, they burst into a giant fireball. In the process, a good number of the Mammoth’s handlers and members of the Wildling army burst into flames.

I know this shouldn’t be as funny as it was to me; however, seeing a Mammoth run away with his butt on fire is just too much for one not to mention. On the flip side, when the Mammoth trampled right over one of his handlers leaving him in a bloody mess, the hilarity seemed to cease a little and the resounding sound of “Ohhh’s” began to ring out.

Take a look for yourself.

Credit: Zombie Prophet

Credit: Zombie Prophet

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