Australian football player jumps, knees opponent's head (Video)

Chad Wingard makes Megatron look pedestrian. Wingard, an Australian footballer, got up — way up — on his defender and probably nearly concussed him in the process.

And then, of course, the announcers praised him for his good work. One said it was the “mark of the year.”

Australian Football is one of the lesser know but is, as demonstrated by the video, incredibly electrifying. It’s a mix of rugby, soccer and football. Whether you understand the sport or not, please appreciate Wingard’s spectacle.

“That’s a screamer,” one commentator said. Whatever that means — perhaps, a mark that induces screaming? No, that makes too much sense.

You know the sport is brutal when the announcer lauds a guy for kneeing his opponent in the back of the head. But the accents makes for great comedy as they react at their highest decibel.

The 6-foot Wingard elevates over the taller defender and looks like Andrew Wiggins going for a dunk.

He comes down hard on his back, then while everyone comes to congratulate him, he plays on when no one expects it. So Wingard is tough and trick, huh? Regardless, this “mark of the year” was a spectacular display of athleticism.

Lookout Calvin Johnson, Chad is coming for you,

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