E3 2014: Battlefield Hardline in depth look

One of the biggest games in the Electronic Arts stable is the Battlefield series.  With Battlefield: Hardline, Visceral Games is looking to kick off the true next generation of Battlefield with not only an amazing online experience, but in doing so with a truly immersive storyline as well.

Thanks to a gameplay demo of cops vs. criminal, a heist interaction in Battlefield: Hardline takes center stage.  Kicked off with a news coverage of the scene, the player is immediately thrust into the action.  As cops rush to the scene, the criminals must work to complete the heist and avoid the police.

In the heist gameplay demo, Battlefield: Hardline is showing off its impressive capabilities of handling all of the on-screen action while allowing 32 players to compete at once.

Using the squad based system of Battlefield games of the past, Battlefield: Hardline players must work together to not only break into the building, but also to escape with the loot.  The game plays somewhat like search and destroy as well as incorporating a capture the flag element.

Regardless of whether you have already grabbed the loot or are making your getaway from the cops, the heart pounding action doesn’t ever seem to be in short supply.

While both the police as well as the criminals have a unique arsenal at their disposal, the game is truly at its best when watching players quickly, and systematically execute their plan.

Staying true to the Battlefield setup, explosions still look amazing, environments are still incredibly destructible (a crane takes out part of a building for crying out loud), and Battlefield: Hardline is still the king of all out action.

To top off the action, EA and Visceral Games announced that the Battlefield: Hardline beta will be available for PC and PlayStation 4 gamers today.

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