E3 2014: Crackdown headed to Xbox One

You thought collecting agility orbs was sweet on Xbox 360 right?  Well thanks to Dave Jones, the original creator behind the Crackdown series, the Xbox One is going to be bringing Crackdown back, and once again as an exclusive.  Following an impressive trailer, Crackdown was unveiled as a surprise entrant back onto the Xbox One.

The trailer showed off agents working to once again clean up Pacific City.  With the original Crackdown essentially being a bystander as it bundled in the beta for Halo 3, the game rose to new heights after the beta had ended.  Microsoft looked to grab some sales of Crackdown by bundling in the beta, but Crackdown took off on its own.

A series predicated on the ability to not only go after bad guys, but do so as what essentially turned out to be a super hero agent, the Crackdown series took its place as a must have for Xbox gamers.  After the conclusion of Crackdown 2, the series saw itself somewhat fall to the wayside.

Phil Spencer teased Crackdown making a comeback, and thanks to the Microsoft Xbox E3 Press Conference, gamers found their reward.  The game will be making its triumphant return as an exclusive on the Xbox One.  With the enhanced specification of the console, chasing agility orbs, scaling building, and being a super cop looks to be more fun than ever.

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