E3 2014: Criterion unveils new prototype game

E3 is all about games, with this being the focus. There are games shown that will come out in the future, and some times games that are still in the early concept stages.

This was certainly the case during the EA briefing, when they showed what Criterion Games was working on.

Criterion has a rich history of making quality games that people enjoy, especially with the Burnout series.

They showed an early prototype of what their next project is, and even in its early stages it looks great.

They didn’t really define what the game was about, as they showed extreme sports in some parts of the video. However, it does seem like the game will have a social aspect. Criterion did mention they liked how people would upload clips online doing various stunts.

The extreme sport aspect is going to play a big role in the game, and it should be great once they announce more about it.

The developer also said this was the biggest project they’ve worked on so far.

One of the things I’m expecting with this new prototype game is the crash physics. There was nothing more fun crashing your vehicle in Burnout, and I’m sure that will be the case with this game.

The next title from Criterion will definitely be a huge step forward for the company.







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