E3 2014: EA Sports PGA Tour reveal

Did you think that Battlefield and an EA Sports title would never cross paths?  Think again, EA Sports PGA Tour will now be utilizing the Frostbite 3 engine.  In doing so, courses will be fully rendered with the most minimal load times ever season in a golf game.

With EA Sports knowing that the dropping of Tiger Woods from the title would cause a potential drop in profits, another feature was going to be needed.  Behind the success of the Battlefield series, the Frostbite 3 engine makes its debut on a sports game.

EA Sports PGA Tour golf is looking to bring gamers the most realistic golfing experience yet.  With courses featuring lush greenery and eye-popping greens, EA’s transition into the next generation of golf looks to be making a splash in a very big way.

The trailer shown went as far as incorporating both Battlefield and the new EA Sports PGA Tour golf in an even more real way.  No long are battleships only in the Battlefield series, PGA Tour Golf will even include the opportunity to drive golf balls over the mammoth fighting ships.

When EA Sports PGA Tour drops on next generation consoles, expect for ball to be drawn in on the cup and look to sink a hole in one.

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