E3 2014: Happy Wars coming to Xbox One

Microsoft during the preview show for their media briefing made an announcement. It was said that Happy Wars is coming Xbox One.

This is the very popular title that made its home on Xbox 360. This game will have some new additions on Xbox One.

Xbox One and Xbox 360 players will be able to play with another in the game, with a four-player split screen and zombies will be part of the experience as well.

In case you forgot, Happy Wars is a role-playing strategy game, that also has a short story-driven single-player campaign mode.

The players choose from one of three classes: the warrior, the mage, and the cleric. There are also subclasses, although the only ones implemented at the moment is the Warrior-type Berserker as well as the Mage-type Zephyr and the Cleric-type Engineer.

Each class has a base attack and other unique abilities that are available as the player gains new levels. Also each class a unique team skill, where players can gather teammates together to allow the casting player to use more powerful skills.

The more players that aid in the use of the team skill, the more powerful the ability becomes. Its great to see this game come to Xbox One, and it should be good once it releases.


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