E3 2014: Threes coming to Xbox One

Microsoft is looking to bring a splash to the Xbox One.  The sliding-tile title Threes is going to be making a splash on the Xbox One.  Thanks to the functionality of the game, Microsoft will be allowing Threes to run as an application, which will in turn allow users to play it using the snap functionality of the Xbox One.

Threes has seen extremely strong reviews on the iOS and Android based versions of the game, and it has been one of the most widely copied games on mobile devices.  Hidden Variable will be taking the task of dolling out the Xbox One part of the game.

While Threes will not be an arcade title, gamers can rejoice in the fact that the title will more than likely be headed to the Xbox One console as a free to play experience.  Arcade titles typically are a bit more advanced than Threes as far as functionality, and Threes can definitely utilize the pick up and play opportunity it presents.


Threes has yet to make its way onto any consoles, and the success in the mobile market and then the transition is an interesting trend.  Angry Birds was a smash hit on both Android and iOS devices prior to being released as standalone games on multiple consoles.

Should Threes see success in terms of significant downloads on the Xbox One, it may present an exciting opportunity for more popular mobile games to transition over to console based experiences.  If you haven’t tried Threes yet, now may look as good of a time as ever.

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