E3 2014: YouTube coming to PlayStation 4

Sony has announced that an official YouTube app is finally coming to PlayStation 4. The announcement came during Sony’s E3 media briefing on Monday night.

Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Shawn Layden also revealed that with the YouTube app on PlayStation 4, players will be able to directly upload their shared PlayStation content directly from the console. Players can edit the footage before updating via the recently released ShareFactory.

Layden also revealed that there have been over 150 million views via the PS4 to date.

There was no announcement of an official release date for the app, but Sony did say that it’s coming to the console later this year. Hopefully, it’s within the next couple of months rather than in quarter four of 2014.

Sony also announced that free DLC is coming to The Playroom, which allows users to create their own unique sets for their broadcast.

Mike’s Musings: Don’t hold it against me that I’m not overly thrilled that YouTube is coming to PlayStation 4. This was an app that should’ve been available right from the start. The fact that we didn’t even get a firm launch date for the app really sits with me the wrong way. I mean, we’re still waiting on that HBO Go app, as well as an actual Twitch app.

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