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First Trailer for upcoming WWE Studios film Leprechaun: Origins (Video)

WWE Studios is preparing to breathe new life into a horror icon. On August 26th, the latest installment in the horror franchise Leprechaun will come springing back to life in Leprechaun: Origins. Now, thanks to the good people over at Entertainment Weekly, we now have a look at the upcoming horror fest in the form of the first trailer.

Unfortunately, we still haven’t gotten a really good, close up look at Dylan Postl, who fans of the WWE Universe know as Hornswoggle; however, there are plenty of screams to be had.

The film surrounds a group of friends who head to Ireland in search of adventure. When they stumble upon this 300 year old village, they meet a man who begins to tell them about the real history of the place.

Of course, this is when just about everything starts to go wrong, and the terror really begins.

Why don’t you take a look for yourself? Here is a look at the upcoming film Leprechaun: Origins courtesy of Entertainment Weekly.


Leprechaun Origins is the first feature film effort from director Zach Lipovsky. He is definitely no stranger to horror films. He has done the visual effects for films like Itsy Bitsy SpidersMonster, and Snakehead.

The screenplay for the film has been written by horror screenwriter Matt Venne and new screenwriter Harris Wilkinson.

The film stars WWE Superstar Dylan “Hornswaggle” Postl as the iconic Leprechaun himself. Leprechaun Origins also stars Brendan FletcherAndrew DunbarTeach Grant, Stephanie Bennett, and many more.

Leprechaun Origins is scheduled to be released on demand and Digital HD on August 26, 2014.

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