Rangers, Kings get love from Mariano Rivera and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (Photo)

The Stanley Cup Finals are one of the most heated battles in professional hockey. And who do we have sporting New York Rangers and Los Angeles Kings jerseys while waiting for a Delta flight? Non other than Mariano Rivera and Kareem Abdul-Jabar.

It is great to see athletes supporting the cause. Hilariously, the 6’2″ Mariano Rivera looks incredibly shirt in the picture. I guess that’s what happens when you stand next to someone who is 7’2″. Not to mention they are wearing rival teams sweaters.

Rivera is sporting a New York Rangers sweater, while Abdul-Jabar is sporting a Los Angeles Kings sweater. Not letting the rivalry keep them from having a good time, Abdul-Jabar event took a moment to snap a photo of the two of them.


The Kings are currently ahead of the Rangers in the series at 2-0. After two come back games, the Kings are monopolizing the Stanley Cup Finals so far. The Rangers desperately need a win to keep the teams morale at a decent level.

The insanity this year is causing the Kings to make history in many ways as well. They became the first team to play all 21 games prior to making to the finals.

The first two games have gone to overtime (the third consecutive year this has occurred in the Finals) foreshadowing a long haul still ahead for these two teams. Game 4 is on Monday in New York and the Rangers are hoping to capitalize on the home ice advantage.

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