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Minnesota Twins unveil statue in honor of mascot T.C. Bear (Video)

Baseball teams love erecting statues. Every ball park now has a veritable army of statues in honor of various players, broadcasters and other figures of importance in team history. This weekend, the Minnesota Twins took this statue craze one step beyond weird by erecting a sculpture in honor of mascot T.C. Bear.

There was a whole unveiling and everything, complete with heartfelt testimonials about T.C. Bear’s wonderful impact on people’s lives.



I kept watching the video, waiting for the punchline, and the punchline never came. The Twins, without a lick of irony, erected a statue to a mascot and unveiled it in a ceremony.

Other Minnesota mascots were naturally invited to the great event. You can’t have a mascot statue unveiling without inviting all the mascot’s mascot friends. That would just be wrong.

The other baseball mascots are going to be totally jealous of T.C. Bear now. Clark the Cub, who’s been in a fragile state after all the criticism, is reportedly inconsolable over this. When reached for comment, Mr. Met grabbed his giant baseball head in both hands and shook it back and forth in an exaggerated pantomime of exasperation.

The Phillie Phanatic, when told about this development, threw back another glass of scotch and shrugged. Phillie Phanatic can’t even be bothered with this nonsense.

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