NHL Draft 2014: Phoenix Coyotes to change team name at Draft

The NHL Draft is just around the corner and while the event will bring about changes to hockey roster it will also signal the name change of a franchise that has existed since 1996. For the second time in their existence, the Phoenix Coyotes will be changing their team name, although this time around they’re not moving to a new city.

In 1996 the Winnipeg Jets moved to Phoenix to become the Coyotes and come the NHL Draft the Phoenix moniker will be changed to a more universal and geographically correct title — Arizona.

We’ve already gotten our first look at the logo for the Arizona Coyotes.

Changing the team name to Arizona Coyotes makes a lot of sense as it fits with the rest of the Arizona sports teams going by the same moniker. For a time, the Arizona Cardinals of the NFL were known as the Phoenix Cardinals but are now universally accepted and known as the Arizona Cardinals. There’s also the Arizona Diamondbacks of the MLB meaning the state will place it’s name on three of four major sports franchises.

The only hold out seems to be the Phoenix Suns of the NBA but it seems only a matter of time before they too adopt the ‘Arizona Suns’ moniker.

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