Nike soccer releases 5 minute animated ad for World Cup

As we prepare for the start of the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil later this week, the folks at Nike soccer have taken things to the next level with a new five-minute animated ad that features some of the world’s top soccer stars.

The ad, titled “The Last Game,” features animated versions of international stars Cristiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney, Neymar Júnior, Zlatan Ibrahimović, Andrés Iniesta, David Luiz, Franck Ribéry, Tim Howard and Ronaldo Fenomeno.

What is the animation all about?

‘The Last Game’ is a story about risky football versus safe football.

The scientist and the clones want to prove that riskless football is more effective.

Ronaldo Fenomeno and the original players disagree, and they are willing to risk everything to prove the scientist wrong. There is only one way to know who is right: the Last Game.

The video even includes a Neymar selfie for good measure.


Who comes out on top when the world stars take on the team of clones? There is only one way to find out.

We will say this, however.

If Cristiano Ronaldo can do this in Brazil, the men’s national team is really in trouble.

You can check out the ad below:

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  • phuckreligion


    • Jay Roller


  • Patch

    Great animation, don’t see the need for LeBron tho

  • Max

    this ad sucks.

  • Jonathan Arena

    Good concept… very poor execution.

  • TL

    This reminds me of Shaolin Soccer

  • Confused

    How come Iniesta is in a Barcelona kit? Barcelona isn’t a country. Stupid.

    • Louis David Morales

      Spain is sponsored by Adidas where as barcelona is!……

      • Confused

        Seems like Barca bum-licking to me. Rooney could have been in a Man U kit. Neymar in a Barca kit too… Or just leave Iniesta out? It’s a world cup ad.

        • David Thė Day

          Also, Zlatan is in a PSG kit, because Sweden isn’t sponsored by Nike either (PSG is). They wanted to use their biggest endorsement players and had to fit them in somehow. If Spain’s kit was sponsored by Nike you can guarantee that Iniesta would be wearing it.

          Think about it: would Nike really flash the Adidas logo around in their ad? Not to mention they’d probably get sued by Adidas for copyright infringement.

        • Louis David Morales

          They’re trying to keep it world cup relevant. Like David said, have their big names included.
          You can change your name now :D

    • David Thė Day

      Because Spain’s kit isn’t sponsored by Nike, but Barca’s is.

  • Sandesh

    Wish it was a movie !! Awesome !!