Bryan Cranston and Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Joe Brody and Lieutenant Ford in "Godzilla." Photo Credit: Warner Bros./Legendary Pictures

Steven Spielberg wants to adapt Bryan Cranston’s All the Way into Miniseries

Legendary director Steven Spielberg is reportedly looking to adapt the Tony Award-winning play All the Way into a miniseries with actor Bryan Cranston reprising his role as President Lyndon B. Johnson.

After seeing Bryan Cranston make the jump from hilarious TV dad in Malcolm in the Middle to hardcore drug mastermind Walter White in the AMC Original Series Breaking Bad, it is pretty difficult to imagine him in any other role.

If you have ventured to see the new film Godzilla you know that Cranston put on a pretty amazing performance; unfortunately, his time in the film would be a lot more limited than some would have hoped for.

However, it was his performance in the Broadway play entitled All the Way that caught everyone’s eye. Last night at the Tony Awards, Cranston brought him the award for Best Lead Actor for his role in All the Way.

Now, according to Deadline, legendary director Steven Spielberg, who has had his name on some of the most epic projects of all time like Indiana Jones, Saving Private Ryan, and Jurassic Park, is looking to adapt the Broadway play into a miniseries that would see Cranston return to his role as President Lyndon B. Johnson.

The drama would begin at the point and time when President John F. Kennedy is assassinated and continue forth until LBJ’s overwhelming reelection victory.

Now, according to the Deadline report, there is no word right now as to where the miniseries would land if it does come into fruition. As most of you know, Spielberg does a lot of work with HBO, so there is definitely a relationship there.

This is a very similar situation for Cranston who has a good relationship with AMC due to his work on Breaking Bad. Both networks would be a very viable option for the series to end up on. Should they end up on HBO, they will receive a great amount of credible exposure; however, if they wind up on AMC, the series would be open to many more viewers than the previous premium channel.

What do you think of the prospect returning to television as President Lyndon B. Johnson? Where do you think the series will ultimately land if it does indeed come into fruition? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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