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WWE RAW results: Daniel Bryan stripped of WWE World Heavyweight Championship

RAW opens up on Monday night with Stephanie McMahon and Triple H as they get set to make their “blockbuster announcement,” which we now know will center around Daniel Bryan not being medically cleared.

Triple H says that it’s a good night to be right, then Stephanie takes the microphone. She says that we finally have resolve with the WWE World Heavyweight Championship situation.

They cut to a video of the doctor that performed Bryan’s surgery who states that indeed Bryan is not cleared to compete and will be evaluated in the coming weeks.

Stephanie then states the obvious that he can’t perform at Money in the Bank and says that you can’t expect an A+ recovery from a B+ player.

Hunter says that it’s best for business to have a champion that could actually defend the title. Stephanie then officially strips Bryan of the title, again, a move that we expected.

Once again, she says that she has to do what’s best for business. She sarcastically send outs her condolences to Bryan and Brie, who as it turns out quit for no reason whatsoever.

Next, the announcement is made that at Money in the Bank the ladder match will be for the belts. There will be a series of qualifying matches.

It’s then announced that Del Rio and Randy Orton will be two participants in the match. Hunter guarantees that a new champion will be crowned at MITB.

The attention is then turned by Triple H to Seth Rollins’ turn from last Monday and they cut to a video package.


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