Dub-O releases Old Lights, New Lights mixtape (Audio)

The long awaited mixtape from Dub-O, Old Lights, New Lights, was finally released on Tuesday, June 10th. It has been a long wait, but the fans can finally enjoy what was a project that Dub-O but so much work into.

“Time and patience. Like seriously, it took me time and patience on this project,” Dub-O told BitTorrent about making the new mixtape. “It’s going to be a new sound. New Flavor. All original material. Melodic. Catchy. Urban/Soul if that make sense.

“Hopefully this project wake up people up. Make them listen. The music I have on this project sounds like nothing else; it’s also big jump from my last mixtape (Do I Know You). I have no expectations to live up to. I have no big shoes to fill. My only goal is give it all I got.”

Dub-O isn’t concerned with being labeled as an underground artist as well.

“First off, you can be just as successful underground, as being in the majors. Tech 9 for example. He’s underground, but probably doing better then mainstream artists backed by machines. A worldwide tour powered by one man independently every year with a 100% profit? Sounds successful to me. I believe in that underground grind.”

You can listen to the project below and Dub-O also released a bundle of artwork, videos and music on Bittorent.



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